The Goddess of Sissies

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Pink Corset

Pink Corset

I am not your average dominatrix. I thrive on seeing men in panties, groveling at my feet. I love to show them, in great detail, how the only way they will ever make a woman happy, it by being the best sissy you can be.

Stop by and start your journey.

I Miss My Pink Posse.

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I’m back, and thinking about renewing this site. Who would like to send me pictures for display and critique? As with any centerfold, tell me a little about you. Likes, dislikes, turn-on’s etc.


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As much as I would love to keep this blog up, it’s obvious that I don’t have time.

Visit my regular site, which also probably won’t be updated all that often.

Pink Posse Pet of the Month, Febraury ’11

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Sissy’s and gentlewomen, meet our Pink Posse Pet of the Month for February – Sharette!

Male 2 Female Makeover

Male 2 Female Makeover

Goodness. As soon as I saw this picture, I knew this was my sweet little February Pink Posse Pet! I’ve always wanted to document a full forced transformation, but a vast majority of my clients don’t want to have that documented. But our lovely Sharette has no such reservations!  And look at her! She looks so VERY happy once transformed into Sharette.

I must say, each one of you has that same exact look on your face before and after your transformation. You all go from sullen to saucy in no time with the proper application of panties and lipstick!

Pink Posse Pet of the Month, Febraury ’11

Pink Posse Pet of the Month, Febraury ’11

1.) What are your measurements?
6′ 3″

2) What are your hobbies?
Of course, I adore dressing as femme, to say nothing of shopping fr clothing, make-up, etc. Especially enjoy shopping openly, as my male self, for women’s clothing. Some of the saleswomen really get into it, enjoy it immensely (I live in NYC). As for the more mundane, love movies, theater, etc.

3)   What are your turn ons?
Photo shoots, simply adore appearing on camera as a woman, m2F. Am especially turned on when my bf (I’m that rare CD and submissive who is gay) takes me when I’m En Femme. Though I’m gay, I am in utter awe of the female and take great satisfaction and pleasure in making her daily life that much less onerous. Was a submissive to women for many years before coming out of the closet and still do the occasional session. My bf permits this. I actually get turned on when I’m roaming my local Sephora, a guy, checking out the latest skin products, the latest make-up, discussing everything with the saleswomen. Never fail to get a zap out of being open about my transvestism.

4)   What is your favorite position?
A toss up — On my knees, my mouth open and stuffed with my bf’s thick hard-on … or being on my back, legs up, classic missionary position, as
my bf plows me.

5)   How long have you been dressing?
Twenty-five years … and counting.

Who’s a jealous little sissy?

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Raise your hands and pout! Don’t you all wish you could be so glamorous!

I have a dream….

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Lolita School

Lolita School

…to have an adoring class of forced femme lolita’s sitting primly at my feet learning the ways of the cock sucking sissy.

Skin Care

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Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty

I was just washing my face and realized that this was this FIRST time I’ve returned from Vegas and my skin wasn’t angry. The dry air, the late nights, the cigarette smoke, it’s horrible to a lady’s skin. (And for a cross dresser, add the repeated close shaves and you have a recipe for disaster. )

What made this trip different for my was my juice beauty.  I had sissy sandra order the age defying travel pack for me just before I left.  I’ve always had problem skin and I swear, this stuff is The Awesome! As most of you know, I’m always encouraging proper skin care. If you don’t take the time, even when you aren’t dressing, to use proper moisturizer and sun screen, when you do dress, your make-up is not going to go on well. Step ONE to passing, is having good skin. A 5 o’clock shadow, or dry man-lines, and you are given away no matter HOW well you dress, and how much time you spend practicing your sultry saunter in your 6 inch heels.

So go, today, and find some moisturizer and sun screen and start using it every day. Religiously. Mistress commands it! Juice beauty has a line for men. Or, you can use what I use – the age defying set. If you need something cheaper, easier to find, grab some Neutrogena Healthy Skin lotion at the local drug store. It’s a staple. If you want something a little more manly to pass off to the wife, go with Anthony or Kiehls.

Proper skin care is important no matter what you are wearing. (But hopefully you are wearing panties underneath even if you have to wear a suit!)

AVN ’11

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I was sitting in the Palms after the AVN awards last weekend and amongst the wanna be porn stars tripping around in heels they obviously hadn’t practiced walking in at home, I saw an adorable lil glimpse of kink. There were plenty of cross dressers and t-girls out. Some easier to spot then others.

Then suddenly, slinking by, in heels she had obviously practiced in, a lovely little corseted sissy! She looked perfect – all in white – with little pink accessories I think. It was hard to tell across the casino floor. I SO wish I had my camera and that I wasn’t in mid-conversation with a friend and her co-workers, limiting my ability to call out to this little scrumptious muffin. I wondered if she was there on her own prerogative, or if her Mistress had sent her…

That, my pets, was only one of the amazing things I saw this past weekend. Being that I’d not been able to go the previous two years, I decided not to haul my camera around and just have fun. And? I totally did! You will just have to take my word for it. ;-}

Did anyone else go?

Pink Posse Pet of the Month, January ’11

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Pink Posse Pet of the Month, January '11

Pink Posse Pet of the Month, January '11

I hope you are all recovering from your slutty New Years Eve adventures!

I have selected sissy simone as January’s Pink Posse Pet of the month. She looks lovely in her maid outfit, and I would HOPE, that she was also able to do a very good job of cleaning for her Mistress despite the shackles. Perhaps I’ll see her cleaning my dungeon one day!

Pink Posse Pet of the Month!

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I want to get serious about pimping your pretty little panties asses out on the internets, so I am starting a monthly contest for Pink Posse Pet of the Month.  I will post the Pet of the Month’s Photo on the 1st of each month.

To enter, please submit up to THREE photos and the answers to the following questions:

  1. What are your measurements?
  2. What are your hobbies?
  3. What are your turn ons?
  4. What is your favorite position?
  5. How long have you been dressing?

Got it? I know there isn’t much time to enter to be January’s Pink Posse Pet of the Month, so GET ON IT!

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